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My Favorite Places to Photograph

Every photo I take I give 100% of myself into them. From the location to the backdrops and displays, The editing and the experience with every person I am lucky enough to photograph. I love taking photos of Families, Pets, Cosplayers and Fantasy Characters. The stories we create through the pictures and the memories that will last a lifetime through the photos. Yet sometimes my favorite photos to take are architectural and landscapes. The ever changing landscapes and architecture that are centuries old. Those tell some of the best stories.

When I was in College I studied art at The University of South Florida in Tampa. I have a bachelors in art with a concentration in photography. During the summer the college was offering a study abroad program. The art department itself was going to Paris but unfortunately they weren't offering Photography there. They were only offering painting and drawing classes. Luckily for me there was a photography class being offered in Italy through Florence University Of The Arts. I was so excited to take these classes and have an amazing adventure as well. I signed up for the program in January and had to wait until May to go. I had a whole semester ahead of me and it seemed to drag on. I couldnt wait for may to come and fly to Florence Italy. With my flight booked, Leave of absence approved with work, and Money saved up for my trip I was ready for May to arrive. When It finally came time to drive to the airport I was practically bouncing in my seat on the drive to Miami International Airport. The Flight to Florence made for a very long day. I had a 12 hour Flight along with a 12 hour layover in Portugal before arriving in Florence. Luckily for me there were a couple of other students with the same layover and flight that I had and was able to make a couple of friends along the way. I would spend 6 weeks in Florence loving every second of it.

I remember every place I went and Every photo I took while in Italy. I was taking a Landscape and Architecture Photography class and was tasked to take different types of photos around the city along with a class trip. The Abbey of San Galgano was to this day one of the most amazing places i've ever seen. The Abbey has no roof, no windows and has pebbles and stone floors. It is a still functioning, there was a wedding happening the day we went and we had to leave before it started. The feeling is absolutely Breathtaking.

Throughout my time in Florence I lived with five adventurous women who wanted to travel just as much as I did. Every weekend we would find someplace new to go. We went to Rome, Venice, Cortona, Viareggio, Pompeii, Naples and so much more. Every photo I took has so many memories built into them.

Walking through the streets of Italy with my camera around my neck gave me the opportunity to take some of my favorite photos .

This Photo in particular was taken of the back of the Florence Duomo and I just love the angle the detail of the marble and the over all feeling you get from looking at this photo.

This Photo from Rome is my Favorite photo to hang on the wall. It is such a gorgeous photo with strong striking stark blacks with the offset of the blue and browns.

I remember every photo I have ever taken and am so thankful for the opportunities I have been given and continue to receive. Showing you some of my favorite photos taken brings me so much happiness that it's hard to bring into words. Thank you for going along this journey with me. See you next time!

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